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PicoLinea Images

PicoLinea is a proprietary process devised by Greg Duncan, which produces a picture which is a cross between a soft-ground etching and a photo-engraving. Although the starting structural elements are photographic, the finished images are fine art prints.

Greg has been designing and programming his own digital imaging software since 1998.


PicoLinea prints are only available in selected outlets. For images or commissioned work, please send us an email at the Contact address.

Fine Art Paper

Nearly all of the picolinea images are printed on Natural Soft Textured (NST) digital Fine Art paper produced by FOTOSPEED (

Development of the Process

For many years, Greg had sought to produce a method for deriving an etching / photo engraving type of picture from a digital image. Based on his experience designing and programming a set of Photoshop compatible plug-in filters (see above) he developed the additional equations which resulted in the pico linea process.

Although the overall procedure uses some of his plug-in filters, the picolinea process is not a simple click and watch automatic process. The production of an image is an interactive artistic process usually entailing between 30 and 40 individual steps with many interim print outs and adjustments.

Alternative Modes

The process produces two forms - picolinea noire and picolinea blanc.

In the noire version, the shadows are retained in their dark form, whereas in the blanc version, the shadows are brightened to show underlying detail.

As with certain styles of etching, since picolinea images are edge and shadow based, the sky is nearly always portrayed as pure white.

Cheap Street - Before

This is the original image of Cheap Street in Frome, Somerset, England.


Cheap Street - After

This is the picolinea version of the same image.


Close-Up - Before

A close-up of the original image.


Close-Up - After

This is the picolinea version of the same area.


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