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The books listed on this page have been produced by Kenebec Media.

The books are for sale as paperback books direct from Amazon. Some books have a hard cover and/or ebook alternative.


List of Books


Story and Script Vol 1 (2nd Edition)

This book contains 5 short plays designed for drama groups. Each of the five plays is presented first as a short story as it would appear in a magazine and then as a proper drama script. The dialogue is the same in both but the story version does not need any spoiler alerts and is closer to being what the audience will feel. Less experienced new actors and directors may also find the story version of help in understanding how to portray the scripts.

This volume includes the play The Auditions which won four different awards when performed by the Domino Theatre in Canada.




Tequila Sunrise & Other Stories

This collection of 36 short stories embraces a variety of styles including tales with unexpected twist endings and romantic stories along with a smattering of thought provoking items. In length they vary from single page flash stories to multi-part short sagas.

This book is available from Amazon as a paperback, a hardback and also as an ebook for Kindle and Kindle compatible devices (phones and tablets).




Ziffy Bear's Book of Teddy Bear Poems

This book contains seventeen poems written specially for this book. Each poem is illustrated with a full page image. Ziffy Bear features on each page doing something related to the poem or image.

We strongly recommend this book for bed time reading.




Weeds Poetry, Prose, Wit and Wisdom

An entertaining collection of wise, witty and thought-provoking quotes on a subject close to the heart of anyone who has ever owned a garden. Illustrated throughout with artistic images of various weeds.




Limericks and Trimericks

This illustrated book contains good clean limericks for all ages. The book also contains many TRIMERICKS in which three consecutive limericks are grouped together to form a 15 line poem. We have included 12 in this book along with 81 limericks.




Limericks and Trimericks for Gardeners

This illustrated book contains good clean limericks for all ages based around the theme of gardening. The book also contains many TRIMERICKS in which three consecutive limericks are grouped together to form a 15 line poem concerned with the trials, tribulations and joys of gardening. There are 77 limericks and 13 trimericks.




Ziffy Bear's Book of A B C

Each page shows two letters of the alphabet showing the capital and lower form of the letter (Mm). The letter is used in a rhyming couplet and each page has its own illustration involving Ziffy Bear.




Ziffy Bear's Book of Numbers

The numbers 1 to 10 each have their own page with a rhyming couplet and an illustration involving Ziffy Bear and the number.

After the numbers 1 to 10, the book has 'How Many' pages in which the child counts how many items are displayed. The final page expands the number range up to 20.




You Are Not Alone :
having the courage to defy convention

In 1936, Doug Saunders, a confirmed pacifist, will be applying to attend his local university in Kingston, Ontario intending to study politics. A hidden past, world events and the girls he meets change his life in ways he had not foreseen.

Although inspired by a true wartime romance, this is basically a fictional story woven into historically accurate dates and events and placed in genuine geographic locations.

The book presents the unfolding story from two points of view – His Story followed by Her Story covering the same period. It is also a study of the transformation of the mind set of the principal characters in response to real historical events. Doug, the main male protagonist, is deeply affected by the political and military actions of Adolf Hitler. This alters his life and that of those around him.

This book is no longer in print.


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