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Kenebec Filters - Version 4.4

Digital Imaging Filters

KENEBEC FILTERS is a set of 18 plug-in filters for digital imaging. These filters have been designed and programmed by Dr Greg Duncan based on his experience as a software developer and photographer.

They operate in a PC based machine running a 32 bit digital imaging program such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements or other software which accepts Photoshop compatible plug-ins.

The filters do not operate in a MAC environment and do not operate in the 64 bit versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Filter Version

The filters are currently at version B4.4. If you are at a lower version, you can upgrade without charge.

Click for Brochure

The filter set includes special plug-in filters for FYZZ noise reduction, genuine sharpening, converting images to monochrome and toning your monochrome images.

Full details and examples of the filters can be obtained in PDF form directly on your screen by clicking on the BROCHURE command.

Click for Purchase

The set of filters are being sold at the bargain price of £20.00 (or local currency equivalent). They are delivered as a download link which is emailed directly back to you. This means you can be up and running with the filters in a few minutes.

Payment is accepted via credit card or Paypal in UK Pounds, Euros, US / Canadian / Australian dollars.

The full download is provided as a ZIP file of 14 megabytes. The email also contains the ACTIVATION code which you will need to enter in order to use the filters.

You are permitted to install the filters on all your personal computers without requiring a separate authorisation key.

Click for Duplicate Instructions

Although the download link email has full installation instructions, you can download a separate PDF copy of the instructions by clicking on the INSTALLATION command.

Click for Free Upgrade or Replacement or Demonstration

When you have purchased the filter set, you are entitled to a free upgrade for all future versions of the filters. All you need to do is right click on the DOWNLOAD command and select Save Target As (or similar wording depending upon your browser) to download another copy of the ZIP file.

Then follow the standard INSTALLATION instructions, overwriting the existing versions of the filters.

NOTE If you download and install the filters without purchasing an ACTIVATION code, the filters will only operate in demonstration mode and will not alter your images. You can then purchase a copy which will provide you with the necessary ACTIVATION code.

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