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The latest release of the K-Salon program is at Version 13.3 Build (2403)

To download a copy or upgrade to the latest release, click on the link below.



Kaspersky Can Corrupt Your System

Kaspersky anti-virus program can assume that K-Salon is malicious
and delete and corrupt critical K-Salon files !

If you are using Kaspersky, you are advised to add K-Salon as a trusted program.

SONY Buzzers for Scoring

Logitech Buzzers now working

The scoring BUZZER pads used by the K-Salon program
have been manufactured by two companies.
Originally they were made by Namtai Ltd and these work in Windows XP, 7 and 8.
Then they were made by Logitech and these work directly in Windows XP.
Appendix T of the Manual contains instructions to make the Logitech
buzzers work under Windows 7 and 8.

It no longer matters which type you purchase !

Recent Release History




a) correction of error which required PSA number even if no PSA awards


a) new PSA number is 8 characters long - on-line entry page changed to allow 8 character number


a) correction of some issues.


a) In the judging section, when doing a full preview, message 698 (end of preview) closes down the preview,

b) in the slide show filename designations, awards now have a 'D' and Honourable Mentions have a 'C'.

c) There are no plans to extend or amend the features included in K-Salon. As a consequence, the manual describing such features will remain at 12.8 with any amendments detailed in these notes.


a) The DEMO system has had to change its website reference. This only affects DEMO systems. (The site it used to reference has changed ownership and we can no longer refer to it.)


a) CRITICAL - requesting ALL WINNERS REPORT can cause a crash - fixed in this release


a) if you are using an old version of PHP, acceptance thumbnails may not be created correctly in your web space. This version creates all acceptance thumbnails in K-Salon.


CRITICAL a) In the on-Line entry system, some entrants have been putting their name in the XNUM/GEN field. Additional checking inserted in On-Line entry process and EDAS generation process to ensure that field starts with X or E followed by 2 digits.

b) If a title has .JPEG at the end during the on-line entry process, this is automatically removed.

c) a title ending with .JPEG is reported as an error during PROCESS TAG FILES,

d) titles in the acceptance certificates are adjusted for special words using the Title Adjustment File

e) The instructions for creating the EDAS document have been revised to clarify various aspects


a) in the VIEW TAG FILES screen, an option added to turn off all 'x' markers.

b) in the VIEW TAG FILES screen, an option added to show only files marked with Q or only those marked with X.

c) Paypal SPLIT program amended to allow https: addresses.

d) when creating images for a catalog, the alignment for portrait images changed to bring text and images together irrespective of the width of the image.

e) when creating images for a catalog, portrait images are done twice, once with words on the left and then with words on the right with the letter R as the last character in the filename.


a) when showing the title during scoring, the program will now also shows the image number.


NOTE: This version only affects salons which have an SSL certificate for their website.

a) Corrects a bug which incorrectly put http:// in front of https://. Only relevant if you specified addresses with https:// when creating the on-line entry system.

b) if you have an SSL certificate for your website AND you use the SPLITTER facility, the address in the splitter must use https://


a) CRITICAL the PSA now insists that all entry details use only the English alphabet. Previously K-Salon permitted European characters but these are no longer allowed. If your salon is currently open, then you should immediately rebuild your on-line system, reload it up to the web and do an INIT.

b) When producing the spreadsheet data for a FIAP report, the automatic judges extract now includes any FIAP distinctions the judges have as specified in the JUDGES.TXT file.

c) correction to error processing for Contact form,

d) clarification on effect when changing JUDGES.TXT file (See Appendix Y of the manual)


a) wording changed for entry form for Youth Entry birthday

b) tie break process simplified when doing tie breaks for prints


a) when producing separate label lists, program failed to correctly separate award recipients from the HM only files

b) the email address has been added to the contents of the ADR label files


CRITICAL - Although we have received no official notification, it would appear that the GEN (Global Exhibitor Number) being issued by the PSA is case sensitive. This version of K-Salon maintains the GEN exactly as input and does not convert to upper case. This is a critical change needed to ensure that a GEN is reported in the EDAS exactly as entered by the entrant.


a) a warning message is issued if the acceptance point selected exceeds 35%.


a) CRITICAL the PSA has decided to issue id numbers (GEN - Global Exhibitor Number). The On-line entry system (if open) needs to be rebuilt and uploaded again. The entry system and the PROCESS TAG FILES process do not perform any validation checks on the GEN,

b) the bulk email process no longer removes previous bulk emails.

c) the names of the bulk email files have been altered to start with the date of the email.


a) CRITICAL it was brought to our attention that some email systems did not convert the link in the email report card notifications to active links meaning that many people had difficulty accessing their report cards. As a consequence both the email format and the email processor needed to be amended. If you have not yet sent out your report cards, then the on-line system needs to be rebuilt, uploaded and an INIT performed. If you have already created and sent report cards, then do NOT recreate the report cards as this will re-send them to everyone.

b) CRITICAL - additional checks put in the initial start of the program,

c) CRITICAL - changes made to the on-line entry system to ensure all titles are in english alphabet.

d) CRITICAL - some of the country names in the EDAS, catalog and gallery did not conform to the PSA list.

e) a new internal use report has been added to show the number of entries and acceptances for each of the entrants. This is produced automatically when requesting an ACCEPTANCE LIST.

f) a new report has been added which shows the entrants, number of entries and number of acceptances for each member of a group. Can be requested during the SALON LEVEL actions.

g) References to obsolete parameter BRITAIN= removed from the manual


a) CRITICAL - additional integrity checks added,

b) the PRE-JUDGES.RTF has been amended to include a simple list of all judges as the last section in the report.

c) the OVERALL STATUS REPORT has been amended to show the number of entrants who entered 'x' sections.

d) in a circuit, a circuit chairman cannot receive acceptances in the salon being chaired - a parameter in the CONTROL.INI file will automatically assign a minimum score to all images entered in that salon by the chairman

e) in IMAGE LIST DIRECT, the presentation by TAG FILE REFERENCE can use either hyphens or underlines. Using hyphens, means TAG FILES for prints can be accessed using the bar code reader,

f) the 'hide deleted' option in the VIEW TAG FILES screen now includes DECLINED, WITHDRAWN and BANNED,

g) if an entry is to be removed after judging has started, the status in the tag file should be set to DECLINED. This keeps it in the status report but removes the entry from the Image List and from issuing any reports .

h) where the CATCH option is being used to detect repeat entries from previous exhibitions, an ALLOW file has been introduced to acknowledge permitted repetition


a) when doing a tie break, an option has been added to show a preview of all images at that tie break point to assist in determining the tie break.

b) an option has been added to complete a tie break automatically, inserting a value of 1 for all of the images not yet scored in that tie break.

c) a facility has been added to produce a CATCH file listing only the accepted images for use in your next run of the salon to catch duplicated accepted entries.

d) the CATCH report has been altered to always report all outstanding duplicates

e) the PSA logo's have changed again. This version includes the new logos which are used in the Catalog and Gallery

f) the report card wording has been changed to state that the link is to be copied to the ADDRESS box, not the SEARCH box.

g) the wording of the Birthday box on the entry form changed.


a) Under certain circumstances, the OVERALL STATUS report which can be requested when all sections are completed, can produce an error condition which stops the program. This version fixes that bug.


a) in order to push the Image List files to the top of the Explorer list, the filenames now have two leading underlines.

b) additional integrity checking has been added when selecting an Image List file.

c) the Shift+F1 option in the LIGHTBOX has been extended to include the option to set flag 4 on for all images with a conflict (i.e. more than one award, HM or flag 2 for the same author)

d) if restricting awards to one per author, the space bar option in the LIGHTBOX has been extended to include the option to set flag 4 on for all images by the same author,

e) an error in the catalog indexing has been fixed,

f) a mail merge template award letter is produced as part of the label production process

g) at the request of entrants from China, the entry page for the on-line system has been changed to refer to "Country / Region" so that Taiwan is not listed as being a 'country' - this requires a rebuild and re-init of the on-line entry system.


a) CRITICAL - change of length of reference field means that old email lists did not correctly exclude 'do not pass on' entrants

b) When doing your PSA EDAS document, you may find that your spreadsheet program does not allow you to do a SAVE AS using the special filename cell. A new screen has been provided in the EDAS sequence to alleviate this problem

c) in order to comply with FIAP, the FIAP=OLD parameter in CONTROL.INI has been removed,

d) in order to comply with PSA country list requirements, the BRITAIN=UK parameter in CONTROL.INI and the 'UK as one country option' in Step 4 of the On-Line creation have been removed,

e) when producing a slide show in horizontal format, you have the option to include the section name and circuit salon name,

f) the naming convention for the slides in a slide show has been change to start with the circuit letter if this is part of a circuit,

g) a new report added which shows the number of new entries added by day to assist in charting entries. The inclusion of deleted items is controlled by the optional USEDEL line in the CONTROL.INI file

h) option in Paypal report loading to delete all previous records.

i) if you are allowing GROUPS in the on-line entry system, a GROUPS.TXT file can be added in the [WORK] space to provide identification details for the group reports

j) a new analysis report has been added (PRE_LOG_COMPUTER) which shows the type of computer and browser used by the people accessing the On-Line Entry system

k) in order to avoid becoming embroiled in any politically sensitive statement, the word COUNTRY has been changed to LOCATION in the Catalog and Acceptance lists, thereby matching the On-Line Status list,

l) the circuit acceptance lists have been modified to include distinctions,

m) when making the email lists, a new list has been added of those who have explicilty said 'do not pass details on'


a) CRITICAL - the LAB-LIST-RTF document listing all of the awards for posting had an error in the last entry in the table - corrected


a) CRITICAL - if two people have exactly the same name, Image List Direct may only show one of the entrants,

b) CRITICAL: After you have begun scoring, changes to names, addresses and titles can only be made in IMAGE LIST DIRECT,

c) change of message in the On-Line system when entrant does auto-title generation from file name - requires on-line rebuild,

d) NOTE: SENDINBLUE has shown a 6 times speed improvement over Sparkpost,

e) new PSA recognition statement for catalogs,

f) when in the full size in the Lightboxes, 'x' will take you back to the previous multi-image Lightbox (no need to use ESC),

g) the Medal and HM extracts now include the email address of the entrant and are produced in both tab delimited and CSV formats,

h) if the exhibition has PSA recognition, the PSA recognition number is in the header for every page of the catalog,

i) the report produced from the VIEW TAG FILES screen now includes the date and time of the latest TAG file - i.e. the date and time of the latest update


a) critical - if the contents of the lightbox is reduced (image dropped, entry deleted or extract reduced) this can affect the lightbox. Bug fixed in this release,

b) NOTE: As of version 11 of K-Salon, we no longer recommend Sparkpost as an email provider due to on-going connection and performance issues. We have changed all of our salons to use SENDINBLUE.

c) the colouring of the front page has been changed - red means you cannot do this step, blue means can do it, yellow means it has been done, green means this is the next step to be done.

d) the Ctrl+F? option to clear flags and the Shift+F? option to set flags in the Lightboxes only apply to images in the current full lightbox - they do NOT apply to images not in the Lightbox.

e) bug - fix - when creating a slide show with country names, the file name was truncated - fixed.

f) bug fix - if you reduced the images in the EXTRACT IMAGES process program could fail when going back into the lighbox - fixed.

g) function Shift+F9 lists the images by the same author as the currently selected image with the option to turn on flag 6.

h) as a check for salons which only allocate one award/HM per entrant per section, function key Shift+F1 in the lightboxes will list all those images where the same author has already been assigned an award, has an HM or for which Flag 2 has been set in this section (100) ,

i) the JUDGES file has been extended to include an optional field of the judge's entry reference,

j) in the EDIT/VIEW TAG FILES screen, the entries can be sorted and shown by status.

k) a facility has been added to specify a non-standard status when editing a Tag file after the salon has closed. This status will include the entry in the Image List file. This facility is particularly useful when dealing with a GROUP which you trust but which have not made a payment before the closing date.


a) Chapter 32 has been added with respect to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). This lists the new facilities introduced to assist with meeting the GDPR requirements.

b) as a security check, the PRE_STATUS_TEXT.txt file now contains a second system check.

c) list of PSA distinctions updated to include MPSA2

d) the PSA Statement logo included in the catalog has been updated,

e) the bulk email facility has been expanded to allow selection of only those who have paid,

f) for a circuit, the JUDGES.TXT file format now includes salon names,

g) when sending BULK emails, the key file now includes the various links and passwords required.,

h) the LABEL production facility has been extended to allow production of one combined address list for award and HM winners,

i) to facilitate the production of winners letters, the label address file has been extended to include the number of awards, an 's' if the number is greater than 1 and the list of images and awards - see Chapter 15,

j) the LABELS control report has been extended to include the number of different package types required


a) if a judges.txt file is specified, K-Salon will produce a PRE-JUDGES.RTF report showing the judges by section and the allocation by judges.

b) more explanatory words have been added around the XNUM field in the on-line entry,

c) if the exhibition has PSA recognition, then the on-line entry system will automatically ask for the entrant's PSA number in the On-Line Specification Step 5,

d) change in wording in confirmation email for XNUM,

e) if the entrant is a member of a group and has not paid, the status is set to 'Group' - this is to be set to PAID when the payment is received,

f) a status of 'Group' will exclude the entrant from judging - receipt of payment needs to be recorded as PAID,

g) when creating images for a catalog, an option has been added to include a border around the image and/or a drop shadow

h) for TAG files created outside of the on-line system, you can check they are all in the same set with the STARTS command in the CONTROL.INI file,

i) during the entry stage, you may wish to know where the entries are coming from - whenever you do a PROCESS TAG FILES, the system will produce the PRE_WHERE_FROM.TXT report listing the number of entries by country.

j) all confirmation and IPN related emails generated by the on-line entry system will contain the three lead characters in the subject line,

k) for the slide show and catalog images, there is an option to include the country in the file names to aid selection of images.

l) an option has been added to the edit tag file screen so you can change the status to PAID, NOT PAID or BEING PROCESSED with one click on a button,

m) when extracting images for the award determination, the display shows the number of different authors which would be included at the selected point.

n) to assist those salons which only assign one award per author, in the Lightboxes, pressing F9 will set flag 6 on for all images by any author who already has an award or (in the HM lightboxes) already has an award or for whom at least one image has Flag 2 on

o) for the best author awards, a facility has been added to remove the award,

p) the ALL WINNERS report has been modified to include the image reference number as used in the Image List file making this document a hard copy backup of all medal and HM decisions.

q) as a point of interest a new country level report has been produced showing the number of entries and the success rates for each country. This report is available after all sections have been completed.

r) in order to ensure consistency in the font used for the acceptance certificates, the template area and wording have been changed.

s) if you are using the Acceptance Certificate option, the thumbnails for entrants with many acceptances are pre-generated in folder ACP_THUM for uploading to the web.

t) when doing the email processing, copies of the plain text email for members of groups are placed in a group folder,

u) for increased security, an entrant will always need to enter and use a password,

v) with continuing reports of unreliable internet connections, the on-line entry process has been amended so that if the connection fails during the entry, the entrant can re-commence by using the RE-ENTER command. For this purpose, the reference number is now revealed on the first entry page.

w) as an aid to accounting, a Paypal transaction tracking and rationalization facility has been added - see Chapter 31


a) GEN checking code added


a) if the details for sending emails are saved the format for saving has changed for future compatibility. This is a critical change,

b) in order to comply with new FIAP regulations, the format of the JUDGES file has changed - if you specify a judges.txt file it must be in the new format.

c) in order to comply with new FIAP regulations, the wording on the entry form has had to change. However if you are still operating under the previous pattern, you can override the new wording via the FIAP=OLD command in the CONTROL.INI file.

d) with the increasing number of entrants from non-English based countries, the XNUM unique identifier facility has been included in the on-line entry form with the XNUM identifier being included in the PSA EDAS documents.

e) if you specified an 'opening date' for the on-line system, this incorrectly waited until everyone in the world had that date. This has now been changed to open if anyone in the world has that date - this is a critical change,

f) due to the complexities of new features, the XML option for the report cards has been deprecated and will be removed entirely in a future version - if this is a problem, please contact Kenebec Media,

g) a facility has been added to enable the entrants to print their own Acceptance Certificates linked to the report emails - see Chapter 30 for details,

h) the first email in the email report cards sequence will always be a test sent to the Chairman of the salon and will always be for someone who has an award of some sort,

i) some email providers require extra security via an -f switch - this can be set if required when selecting the email provider in the on-line creation Step 9,

j) if an image is Queried during judging, etc, the Image Direct facility can be used for finding and examining the queried images directly,

k) Tag 85 has been changed to be a completely free field which can hold any kind of data maximum 20 characters. The description of the field in the on-line system is also free.

l) in December 2017, the PSA changed its logo to add the word WORLDWIDE. This new logo will appear in the catalog produced by K-Salon,

m) if you specify an OPENING date in the on-line system, it only affects the live system.

n) if you specify an OPENING date and the system is not yet open, the message now invites the person to use the CONTACT FORM to request a reminder email.

o) when producing the data extract for entry in the PSA and into the FIAP spreadsheets, the action is divided into two steps. The first step puts the judges' details in the clipboard and the second step puts the acceptances into the clipboard.

p) When previewing the images as part of the EDIT VIEW TAG files process, double clicking on the image will toggle the background from grey to black and back. This enables you to check if the image has excessive borders.

q) you can select a different colour for the name of the salon at the top of the web pages.

r) NOTE if your catalog contains awarded images depicting nudes, you may find your website blocked forever in certain countries where nudity is against the religion. To avoid this, you can produce a copy of the catalog which does not have any images by selecting NO IMAGES when producing the catalog. Also be aware that if your website contains a gallery showing nude images, it may be blocked as being pornographic which means you may get no entries from that country the following year !

s) a new status of "BEING PROCESSED" has been added for tag T90. Entries with this status will NOT be included in the image list file.

t) a new folder has been added to the [WORK] area called A_SPACE. This is a folder for you to keep whatever you want in it. The folder is backed-up as part of the full back-up process. Use this folder for your copies of logo files, templates, etc,

u) because group entries often do not know the full entry until after the closing date, a controllable facility has been added to allow group payments to be made after the closing date.


a) Critical - debug code causes a system crash when assigning Best Author and prevents emailing reports - issue fixed


a) fix of a loop in internal code


a) Critical warning about Kaspersky corrupting files.

b) if title contains " (double quote), program looped to creating Image List - bug fixed

c) although not recommended, the lead identifier for the on-line reference number and files can be changed to any pattern of 3 characters or digits,

d) in the VIEW TAG files screen, an option has been added to show only those entries which have been marked with Q and the REPORT from the screen would then only show the queried entries.

e) in VIEW TAG an options has been added to hide/exclude all DELETED, BANNED, DECLINED, etc TAG files

f)) the REPORT in VIEW TAG files has been altered so that you set part of the name. Also, the country has been added as a specific column


a) correction of bug in SLOW INTERNET option which moved to next page instead of staying on that page. Only critical if you have set the SLOW INTERNET option ON in your on-line system.


a) a report is produced during the PROCESS TAG FILES listing all email addresses of active entrants grouped by the date when i) entered or ii) a change was made to email address or iii) the status changed to active. This report can be used to send blanket emails to active entrants.

b) the weighting factors used in calculating the TIE1 values during scoring have been altered to ensure a better spread when the scoring range includes 6, 7, 8, and 9. This does not alter the previous pattern but ensures no duplication of weighted factors.

c) in order to ensure consistency across the various reports, etc a JUDGES.TXT file has been added where you specify the details of the judges and the sections they have judged. This is used to produce the inserts for FIAP and PSA reports and for the on-line gallery and catalog. Full details in Appendix Y


a) if recognition is received from PSA or FIAP, it is necessary to produce a catalog according to certain criteria. Whereas some exhibitions may wish to spend time producing a 5 star catalog, other exhibitions find it an error prone and time consuming chore. K-Salon has been extended so it can now produce a virtually finished catalog ready for converting directly to PDF. Full details are included in Chapter 17

b) in the LABEL production process, the entries in the HM titles details file has been divided into two files - the first for those who received both an award and an HM and secondly for those who received an HM but no award. This then matches the order in the label checklist file.

c) a set of instructions has been included on how to use the various label files

d) an audit trail report (ALTERED_SCORES.TXT) has been added detailing all of the image reference numbers which have had their scores increased as a result of receiving an award or direct changing in IMAGE DIRECT.

e) clarification that the minimum score in the CONTROL.INI file cannot be less than 1.


CRITICAL - Windows has changed the way in which programs (such as K-Salon) can set screen sizes which can result in images being clipped along the bottom. This version restores the proper size setting functionality.


a) minor corrections in the manual.

b) Country Acceptance report has been expanded to show for each country the number of awards received and the percentage of all awards and the percentage of all acceptances.

c) the Country Acceptance report is now also produced in CSV format for spreadsheet processing.

d) the special awards (Best Author, etc) have been added to the OVERALL STATUS report.

e) the number of countries which gained awards is also listed in the OVERALL STATUS report

f) the address labels now include the group code as the last column to permit sorting and collecting by group,

g) when using the Query facility, the score, acceptance (Y/N) and any award assigned are now included in the Query report


a) a PRE_GROUP_CODES log report has been added to the On-line creation process to enable you to keep track of the group payment codes.

b) the list of Australian distinctions has been updated.

c) various versions of iPAD operating systems have a bug or fault whereby a confirmation email viewed on an iPAD may show incorrect images from a previous entry which used the same email address. This is a flaw in the iPAD image caching process. The K-Salon on-line entry system has been altered so after you have recreated the on-line system, the subsequent confirmation emails displayed on iPADs will show the correct images.


a) includes GPU honours, b) on-line entry system incorrectly required a PSA number


a) bug fix in PROCESS TAG FILES


a) the EDAS inserts have been changed to comply with altered EDAS specification so that the email column now shows the GEN (Global Entrant Number) if supplied otherwise the PSA number if supplied otherwise the email address.

b) when producing the slide show (or catalog images), you can restrict it to producing only the HM and award winners,

c) when doing PROCESS TAG FILES, the system looks for and reports on duplicate PSA numbers and on duplicate GEN (Global Entrant Number),

d) the IPN messages now include the salon short name as an aid for those people running more than one salon concurrently.

e) a facility has been added to restrict entries to certain named countries (via ONLY.TXT file) to enable K-Salon to be used for 'national' competitions such as BPE.

f) clarification of the Top Image award as not designed as a Best-in-Show award.

g) in Step 3 of the On-Line specification process, you can specify the OPENING date for a salon meaning it can be uploaded ahead of time.

h) the TAG file format has changed so that the GEN is now in tag T88.

i) when doing PROCESS TAG FILES the program will validate all GEN's to ensure compliance with the 11 character checksum controlled format

j) a facility has been added to produce 'oven-ready- jpg files for direct inclusion into your catalog WORD document complete with title, author etc and sized to appear in your document without further resizing. See Chapter 18 for details.


a) an issue has been discovered in the Windows image handling software whereby certain unconventional JPG files will not display correctly. More details and corrective action are given in section 7.2

b) when sending out report card and bulk emails, the first email will always be sent to the organizers as a check.

c) the option to have the word "AIRMAIL" as the first line of an address has been removed,

d) when creating labels, the address parts can either be packed so all blanks lines are at the end OR set in fixed named columns (easier for mail merge),

e) when the Most Successful Author award is assigned, the program produces an ordered text file listing all entrants with their scores,

f) when copying files for the CATALOG, if the title contains any of the following characters \ : / * ? " < > | they will be changed in the file name to ~,

g) when doing the TAG file process, the program checks for and reports as an error duplicate titles in the same Tag File


a) CRITICAL - gallery production codes incorrect - produces corrupt html coding


a) when a tag file is updated locally, a message appears showing the name and reference for the file just amended,

b) if a line in a tag file begins with a comma, the comma is removed

c) to assist in image checking, in the EDIT/VIEW TAG FILE screen (F059) select "only those not marked with 'x' ", then use a right click on the entry to take you straight to viewing or press the + key. When viewing the images, pressing 'x' will stop the viewing, set the 'x' marker and return to screen F059 ready for the next entrant

d) a new 'Most Successful Author' award has been added at the Salon level based on a point scoring system

e) a POINTS.TXT file has been added for setting the scoring pattern for the Most Successful Author


a) critical ocx module was not being installed by 9.11.1486


a) amendment to EDAS format and column data,

b) addition of IUP distinctions

c) extraction of acceptance details for IUP


a) Amendment to email processing error in on-line system. If you downloaded 1473, then you need to download 1474.


a) Addition of new PSA portfolio distinctions

b) logging of all email attempts including unsuccessful ones,

c) the salutation words at the end of the confirmation emails cannot contain any html controls (red, bold, etc),

d) extension of tags that can be used to set flags during award determination including ? (anything in tag) and # (nothing in tag),

e) changes for 9.8, 9.9 and 9.10 incorporated into manual,

f) change of address for Kenebec Media Ltd,

g) when creating a new system in empty folder, AWARD template files produced in new format.


a) MANDRILL replaced by Sparkpost. Full details in the Manual


a) for various salons opening in 2016, FIAP are requiring that some explicit words be included in the entry form. If you are subject to this requirement, then select INCLUDE FIAP WORDS in Step 4 when creating On-Line Entry system

b) internal author number shown in IMAGE LIST direct and optionally in lightboxes

c) option to set flags in lightboxes by author number


a) critical error corrected which prevented the one upload option (see 9.6.1449 below) from working correctly in certain LIVE environments,

b) the option to allow the entrant to upload one image at a time can be preset to ON,

c) if the barcode reader fails to read a bar code, the bar code can be typed in lower case omitting the hyphen and plus sign followed by the enter/return key,

d) during print scoring, the automatic saves do not bring up a message window - instead the save is announced vocally.


a) normally the on-line image entry page does one upload for the full page of 4 images. If the entrant has a slow internet, this can timeout before the upload is completed. An option has been added to allow the entrant to upload one image at a time.

b) the sequential stack check option for prints has been removed since none of the processes require sequential processing of the prints,

c) the Image List creation step for print sections has been simplified

d) an option has been added to assign the minimum score automatically to all missing prints upon completion of the scoring for that section.


a) critical bug fix - on-line status page was corrupt and not showing the status items. If you have rebuilt the on-line system since 9.2, you need to re-create the on-line system, upload to the web and redo the INIT operation.


a) as a result of a court decision in USA, the organization previously called United Photographers International (UPI) was forced to change its name and is now called Global Photographic Union. This necessitated a change to the distinctions.

b) following the FIAP decision to add new EFIAP diamond levels, it has been necessary to add these to the list of distinctions. NOTE if your salon is currently operational, you will need to recreate the on-line system, upload it to the web and do the INIT step


a) a feature has been added to provide a link to a translation of your rules in Chinese, Arabic and/or Russian NOTE: you do the translation - the entry system displays a link in Chinese, Arabic or Russian to your translation

b) the term 'accreditation' has been replaced with 'recognition' to align with the PSA and FIAP wording,

c) to comply with new PSA report card requirements, the AWARDS files now include optional PSA Division details - see Appendix B

d) an hour glass now shows in the on-line entry system when the files are being uploaded to show that something is happening;

e) additional checking added to detect and report on oversized images during on-line upload


a) with the growing use of TV's for judging, a test has been added in the CHECK SCREEN DISPLAY check sequence to ensure that the TV or projector is NOT doing automatic sharpening

b) the program checks that you have not changed the screen resolution or the primary monitor after starting the program and forces a log out if there have been changes,

c) in order to assist award and HM posting, the LAB_LIST_RTF document has been divided so that the pure HM winners (i.e. no awards) are in a separate section of the report..


NOTE: There is a bug in 9.1.1407 in the BULK EMAIL facility. If you have downloaded 9.1.1407, you should upgrade to 9.1.1414 if you intend to use the Bulk Email facility.


(NOTE: In the manual the version information has been re-ordered to put the latest information at the front rather than the back)

(NOTE: Although not a critical upgrade, it is recommended that you upgrade to access the revised emailing options - requires re-build and upload of on-line entry system)

a) introduction of more checking to prevent re-use of web space or work folder for another salon or another year of the same salon.

b) in order to provide end-to-end audit reference capability, the PayPal process now includes an 'invoice' field which will appear in both the entrant and the organizer's emails. (Note: for security reasons, in PayPal the 'transaction' number is different for entrant and salon and cannot be used as a common reference.)

c) the PayPal log file _A_IPN_LOG has been extended to include the invoice field,

d) the specification for the WATCH.TXT file has been amended.

e) for tag files which are encoded in UTF8, a web based program has been added to decode and amend the file,

f) the maximum image width has been increased to 3,840 pixels,

g) Landscape/Seascape has been added to the Categories used in the Nature sample system as per the pattern used by the PSA,

h) the Diversity Award can only be determined in the SECTION LEVEL ACTIONS screen after the relevant section has been closed,

i) the catalog list report can be ordered either by name within country or just by name,

j) the new PSA GMPSA levels have been added to the honours list for the on-line entry system,

k) when changes are made via the IMAGE LIST DIRECT facility, the related TAG file is amended in-step with the same changes,

l) to allow for concurrently running more than one salon from the same PC, the IPN messages back to the chairman show the salon name as the sender rather than ENTRY and contain the salon name in the IPN message,

m) with the introduction of the bulk email facility, the report card emails must now be loaded only through the mailer and NOT via FTP.

n) reference is included to document "Suitable for Inclusion" at http://www.kenebec.com/pov

o) a facility has been added for producing various clean email lists either from the lists of current entrants or from email campaign lists,

p) a bulk email facility has been added for sending emails to the entrants - see Chapter 29

q) a log is maintained of all emails sent via the on-line emailer - the log can be downloaded as part of the on-line zip process,

r) slight change to the wording of the UK2 support ticket request in Appendix S,.


a) facility added to produce email campaign lists from other email lists resolving duplicates and exclusions

b) the WATCH file has been amended to include an optional fourth field for the reason why entrant is being watched,

c) for a circuit, the labels can be produced either for the full circuit or for just that salon in the circuit.


a) Address labels for circuits can now be based on results from all salons in the circuit (only one set need to be produced)


a) A method has been found to make the Logitech BUZZERS work in Windows 7 and 8. This means that the Sony BUZZERS can be bought and used without being concerned about the manufacturer. (Previously only those made by Namtai were operational) For full details see Appendix T,

b) the PSA Licence agreement question has been removed from the list of options.

c) a check has been added to prevent re-use of a web space for a different salon.

d) the PSA EDAS document requires the acceptances sorted by title within given name within family name.

e) when doing a PSA or FIAP extraction, a message appears at the end showing the section, total entries and total acceptances as a verification that the correct data has been extracted

f) a check has been added to ensure that an Image folder for one salon is not inadvertently accessed for an unassociated work space of a different salon.


a) with screen sizes getting larger, the Windows message boxes were becoming too small so messages can now be shown in a K-Salon window.

b) to make it easier to find answers, the manual has been restructured so that the I WANT TO... questions are grouped into seven different topics,

c) when doing the PSA and FIAP extracts (for EDAS), the results are still produced as a report BUT are also placed in the clipboard ready for immediate pasting into the spreadsheet.

d) the format of the CIRCUIT parameter in the CONTROL.INI file has been changed to avoid confusion with the NAME parameter.

e) the CIR_ACCEPTANCE reports are now placed in a sub-folder of the folder containing the circuit image list files.

f) for print scoring sections, the scoring display shows the rate per hour averaged over the preceding 10 images.

g) for all sections, the scoring rate is calculated when the image list file is saved.

h) the display in the EXAMINE IMAGE LIST in the scoring screen, has been restructured to show the scores in ascending order so that unscored images are at the top of the list

i) for print section labels, if the entrant requests return or forwarding (or is a member of the hosting club), the label will show a small green square in the top right corner to aid in sorting the prints after the salon has closed.

j) when producing the images for the catalog, a report will be produced in the same folder listing all of the images with the relevant details ready for copying and pasting into the catalog.


a) the order of the columns in the PSA EDAS extract has been changed to match alterations made by PSA (20 April 2015)

b) the EDAS and FIAP acceptance data process now also places the results in the clipboard ready for pasting directly into the relevant EDAS / FIAP document

c) the PSA EDAS document is now only produced in TXT format to prevent incorrect formatting when pasting into the EDAS document

d) the FIAP acceptance document is now only produced in TXT format to prevent incorrect formatting when pasting into the FIAP acceptance document

e) adding a new award to an AWARDS file will now keep all existing award assignments and require just an assignment of the new award.


a) New Zealand dollars added as currency option for on-line entry system


a) in IMAGE LIST DIRECT, a search facility has been added so that you can find any titles which contain a specific set of characters (such as mac)

b) CRITICAL >> security system was not recording security copies after 25 updates

c) the section definitions can be checked from the ADMIN & BACKGROUND screen (allows checking without the need for an Image List file),

d) if you have a triptych section, then a copy the created triptych jpg will be placed in the TRIPTYCHS sub-folder in the Images Folder with a name beginning with the surname of the entrant.


This upgrade is a cosmetic upgrade providing controls over the presentation of titles and names in reports and catalog listings.

a) title control (caps, lower, etc) has been added to the section and salon level report request screens,

b) name and title case adjustments now recognize Mc? and Mac? and put the ? character into upper case,

c) changes to the TITLE_ADJUSTMENT.TXT file take effect immediately without the need for a restart of K-Salon,

d) the IMAGE LIST DIRECT screen has the option to apply title case to all names and titles

e) when creating the Image List, the default is to apply title case adjustments to all names and titles (this can be unticked).


This is a critical upgrade due to the changes in the security backup procedure.

a) when the slide show is created, the images for 'best' (author, member, diversity, etc) are also placed in their own sub-folder in the slide show folder identified by the award name,

b) ARCHIVE.TXT file now placed in main folder ready for archiving rather than in the reports folder,

c) title case processing has been enhanced to capitalize after punctuation and special characters,

d) when selecting TOP award (chairman's award?), you can decide to choose from more than just the top winners in each section - (useful when more than one gold medal is awarded in a section).

e) the name of the top award can be changed to suit your salon preference,

f) for FIAP blue pin, top award and top member, the name of the author is hidden until explicitly requested,

g) a facility has been added to enable you to display the section definition to the selectors before scoring commences

h) the backup security system has been restructured to improve speed of processing,

i) proportion values for a triptych section have been changed to 40% from the images and 60% from the panel,

j) during triptych scoring the images are shown first and then the full panel,

k) to provide natural break points, the triptych section is structured randomly into 4 blocks - similar to rounds


a) the new title case had a bug which could put the wrong item in the output string. Bug has been fixed.

b) when scoring a triptych section the image title only appears for the composite (first and last) images.


a) when the slide show is created, the images for 'best' (author, member, dicversity, etc) are also placed in their own sub-folder in the slide show folder identified by the award name,

b) ARCHIVE.TXT file now placed in main folder ready for archiving rather than in the reports folder,

c) title case processing has been enhanced to capitalize after punctuation and special characters.


a) A bug has been found and fixed whereby if you had done your award processing and then changed the names of the awards and there was a problem with the new award names - the process removed all of the award allocations!

b) If you have downloaded 8.4.1284 and recreated your on-line system, then all you need to do is download and install this version. However, if you are currently running an on-line system and have not yet installed 8.4.1284, then you should install 8.4.1285, recreate and upload your on-line system.

c) The on-line gallery and slide show were not using the ADJUSTMENTS file and did not always amend the format of the entrants name - both of these problems have been fixed in this version.


This version includes enhanced integrity checking and some corrections.

a) the email SMTP options in Step 9 of the on-line system have been extended to allow you to specify any SMTP processor and not just gmail, elasticmail or mandrill,

b) the option for concurrent judging of the same section in print based circuits has been removed as being unworkable in all but trivial sized salons.

c) an option has been added to allow the on-line system to set tag T11 to be a copy of any of the other detail tags.

d) when creating an Image List file, you can select what tag is to appear in column 21,

e) the login page of the on-line zip process shows how many files are waiting to be zipped.

f) the security backup system has been redesigned to do an incremental backup only of files that have changed,

g) during scoring, the system calculates and records the score rate per hour. This can be seen and extracted as a spreadsheet report,

h) a report has been added to show all acceptances across all sections for members of the sponsoring club,

i) the labels for a print section can have little boxes printed on them to record the score when doing a table-top type of scoring

j) email sending program checks for incomplete or corrupt email file.

k) to allow for multiple concurrent runs of K-Salon, the +AUTO+ facility creates and uses a sub-folder based on the name of the work folder.


a) inclusion of email address in EDAS has been made optional depending upon Data Protection regulations in your country,

b) option to have entrant purchase a CD/DVD of the salon has been altered so you can choose between CD/DVD or a Printed Catalog at system generation time,

c) vocal scoring announcement has been extended to include a choice between a male and a female voice,

d) on-line entry system options have been extended to include a 'youth' facility whereby entrants with a birth date on or after a specified date can 1) have fees reduced by 50% or 100% and 2) be flagged in awards LIGHTBOX for special 'youth' awards.


a) option to use KSX files as a faster alternative to ZIP files for downloading from the on-line entry system,

b) requirement for a ZIPS folder for holding copies of the downloaded zip type files,

c) option to use 'ksz' extension for zip files to ease download operation,

d) process to unzip files directly in K-Salon in the PROCESS TAG FILES screen rather than via Windows or WinZip (see details in the full manual),

e) the orphan check process introduced in Version 8.1 has now become part of the standard Tag file process and the command has been removed from the screen.

f) the CHECK SCREEN DISPLAY process has had a distortion detection screen added to detect distortions produced by some projectors during keystone correction.

g) a CHECK SCREEN LUMINOSITY process has been added to check the gamma settings of a projector or screen,

h) MAPS and GMAPS have been added as distinction options in the APS set.

i) flag markers 4, 5, and 6 are now allowed in the HM determination process

j) the program checks that display scaling has been explicitly turned off for K-Salon,

k) control added during on-line generation to limit number of files per zip,

l) at the request of some selectors, an optional verbal score announcement facility has been included.

m) changes to the EDAS extract for PSA filing to include the entrant's email address.

n) the facility to receive an email notification that a zip was completed was causing frequent timeouts in the zip process and has been removed.

o) option in zip process to display the list of zips directly even if files are waiting to be zipped,

p) expansion of reasoning behind awards only being made from the pool of top scoring images


a) setting BRITAIN=UK in the CONTROL.INI file restricts input countries to only United Kingdom.

b) a facility has been added in the PROCESS TAG FILES to hunt for and report on orphaned JPG files no longer referenced in a TAG file,

c) option to include postal address for prints in the confirmation email,

d) in confirmation email, the triptych pattern image was incorrectly reported as being small,

e) Tag T11 is ignored if the On-Line entry system has been created.


a) drop down list of countries in on-line system was incomplete and could completely omit UK countries


a) 'title' field in html now refers only the short name of the salon,

b) introduction of optional lock to prevent changes to on-line aspects for distributed systems,

c) change of CIRCUIT parameter in CONTROL.INI file,

d) addition of circuit name in email report cards and email report card subject lines,

e) split_list.txt file can have blank lines and comments,

f) removal of sequential print processing option for scoring,

g) removal of check of print order against image list,

h) automatic production of a split_list.txt file whenever the on-line is built.

i) different lead letters for TEST and LIVE systems,

j) new salon level report listing all winners across all sections.

k) the names of section and salon level reports produced in a circuit have the circuit code prepended to the output report name,

l) the program no longer supports image list files with more than 21 columns,

m) for circuit level changes - in IMAGE DIRECT process, option to apply the same changes (title and author details) to this copy of the Image List file


Although not a critical update, you are strongly recommended to update in order to avoid the email deletion problem caused by titles with 'sensitive' words.

a) inclusion of duplicate plain text short form confirmation email without titles

b) re-send of confirmation emails did not include password

c) option to include country in the filenames for images prepared for a catalog

d) under certain circumstances, United Kingdom could appear more than once in the on-line drop down list of countries

e) inclusion of description of options to use K_Salon in a modular fashion with other programs


a) correction of database update path if you missed out some interim updates,

b) inclusion of suggested rules for Triptych section,

c) inclusion of optional link to STATUS list on the front entry page,

d) note on using alternative scoring devices

e) correction of demo creation process


a) instructions on putting Google translate into your web page Conditions of Entry,

b) option in on-line entry specification to change the words in the confirmation email with respect to the charge for returning prints,

c) Catch list excludes tag files marked as deleted,

d) option to use the word 'Judges' or 'Selectors' in on-line gallery


a) IF YOU ARE USING THE PAYPAL SPLITTER OPTION, the Paypal IPN messages were not being received - you will need to recreate the on-line, upload the splitx.php program and redo the ?psw for the splitx.php program


a) BUG FIX - a security check against uploading an incorrect STATUS file can under some circumstances report an error. If the on-line system currently uploads a status file without a problem, then you can ignore this update. But if the on-line status upload produces an error, then install this version.

NOTE: This is merely a download and install - you do NOT need to recreate the on-line system.


>>>> SORRY BUT ....

>>>> Google has changed its translate coding which means that the google translate button we were using now appears on the page 3, 4 or even 5 times causing the page to serioulsy misalign.

>>>> If you are currently running an on-line salon, you should down load and install this version, rebuild your on-line, upload it and do the INIT


a) BUG FIX - on-line entry was incorrectly rejecting apostrophe in data fields.

b) in the GALLERY and the DIRECT SLIDE SHOW, the DIVERSITY award has been placed between the assigned awards and the HM's,

c) in the GALLERY and DIRECT SLIDE SHOW, if consecutive award descriptions are the same, the entries are sorted by surname.,

d) the DIVERSITY award shows the images of those authors achieving the top two highest scores rather than just the top score.

e) In the DIVERSITY LIGHTBOX, an option to reveal the entrant identity,

f) in the two acceptance lists, the awards column shows Medal only if the award is identified in the AWARDS files as GSB or M , otherwise it states Award,

g) the circuit acceptance report identifies awards with (W) instead of (M),


a) for various reasons, all references to 'disqualifying an image' have been replaced with 'dropping an image' (implying 'dropped from consideration for the exhibition').

b) The TAG folder has been renamed as TAG_EDIT_BACKUP to avoid confusion,

c) on print labels, the entrant's name is truncated at 32 characters to prevent overflow into the next label

d) addition of the HIGH SCORE report showing the entrant with the highest score,

e) option in the CONTROL.INI file to turn off taking security copies of critical files,

f) all references to a status of REJECTED have now been replaced with the word DECLINED.

g) the status of WITHDRAWN has been added to the list of recognized status values


We apologize for the rapid re-issue of the program but with immediate effect (2014/08/23) PSA have introduced a change to the EDAS report. If you wish to produce PSA or FIAP EDAS reports, you will need to change the format of the AWARDS.txt files.

a) Revised format for the AWARDS.txt files (Appendix B)

b) New PSA EDAS report contents


a) A switch has been added to the AWARDS and HM screens to notify if the recipient already has an award

b) In the lightbox, the space bar closes the title window if it is currently open

c) An option to put ACPT in the awards column of Image List file for accepted images with no awards or HM's

d) In the AWARDS and HM screens, an option to set flags for the Lightbox based on score or on a specified value in certain TAG fields (such as country)


This version is critical if you are sending out report card emails

a) Group payment codes limited to 6 characters including lead letters

b) Print labels will show the group code instead of RETURN if the entrant requesting a return is part of a group

c) Email Report cards are not sent to entrants who have not paid or are otherwise excluded from the judging

d) IPN Splitter program added for salons where IPN processing is already used or for multiple-concurrent salons using the same Paypal account.

e) Count down counter added to random order print scoring screens


We aplogize for the rapid re-issue but we discovered a compiler error in the on-line system generator which affects the subsidiary programs such as the mailer and zipper


a) On-Line 'agree to abide by the rules' question is now always included

b) Addition of the 'z' key option when SHOWing images in the VIEW Tag file screen to remove corrupt EXIF in image

c) Check in On-Line system to ensure that the php has not been uploaded to the root folder

d) Email sent to chairman when raw file is uploaded

e) Active codes for tag T90 extended with various codes excluding entrants from the Image List file (REJECTED, BANNED, NOT PAID or AWAITING FEES)

f) Paypal IPN notification will always return to the sending program even if IPN notification points elswhere

g) Bug fix: If T80 set to YES, entrant did not appear in a repeat Status List


a) Addition of Mandrill as recommended email processor for On-Line system replacing Elasticemail and Gmail. Elasticemail has changed its processing priorities and now provides a degraded service for PHP based email and you are advised to change. See Chapter 8 of the Manual

b) Addition of REJECTED and BANNED as a Tag T90 status - show in STATUS but not included in Image List

c) Note on purchasing only Sony Buzzers made by Namtai


a) Email address and country added to the Best Author Report for use in FIAP spreadsheet report

b) A corrupt TAG file now only reports first error encountered

c) Addition of PRE_PAYMENTS.TXT report showing latest status for each tag file

d) Bug fix: On-Line Status Page coding incorrect in on-line build process


a) 'z' key for rectifying corrupt EXIF was not working in pad scoring mode

b) Potential access vulnerability blocked for the sub-folders in on-line entry system

c) Accredidation words added to report card emails

d) Option to use local SMTP for emailing ZIP reports and confirmation re-sends

e) Tag T79 added to PAYMENT set in extract of tag file details

f) Return/Forward on print labels now shows correct wording

g) Short salon name used in print labels

h) In on-line image entry section, note on PDI only appears if there is a PDI section

i) Addition of _Status List.htm file as a standalone status report


a) Backwards compatibility issue with PHP 5.2 resolved - only need to upload new version if using PHP 5.2

b) If using tag files produced by other on-line systems, option to have entrant name set to title format (uppercase for first letter only)


Although not a CRITICAL upgrade, you are recommended to upload this version as it includes various performance enhancements.

a) the BUZZ scoring devices have two different USB registration codes - both codes now recognized

b) php entry point ?_njc.php removed

c) when using the scoring pads, it is only necessary to re-allocate if unused for more than 5 minutes

d) automatic tie breaking default changed to option 2 (Agreement)

e) default for PSA and FIAP extracts does not have a header line

f) report PRE_TAG_QUERY renamed to PRE_UNTICKED_QUERY and restricted to being available only for tag files not marked as ticked

g) addition of GEN_NOT_PAID extract

h) addition of SKIP and PREVIEW options when doing sequential print scoring

i) option in on-line entry system to include question for purchase of CD/DVD with charge for this item

j) if a zip or mailer operation timeouts, the message contains a link back to the php program

k) if on-line system has been built, the maximum jpg size overrides the value in the CONTROL.INI file


This upgrade includes important enhancements for the on-line system and you are advised to install this version, rebuild your on-line system, upload the on-line files to your web space and do another INIT operation

> a) if entrant went to pay screen without confirming the entry, the system reported a system error - now reports back to entrant that entry was not confirmed

> b) inclusion in Appendix S of the procedure for disabling anti-spam in UK2 which can block various image titles

> c) on-line entry system only shows reference number after entry has been confirmed

> d) salon is marked as 'closed' when any access made after closing date rather than just the entry page

> e) addition of GMT timestamp to confirmation email

> f) note regarding not using ELASTICEMAIL for other purposes

> g) check included that INIT operation has been performed after on-line file upload

> h) amendment to on-line system so that IPN emails have surname, given name in subject line

> i) addition of check in on-line INIT to detect uploading to incorrect web page

i) sample demo on-line system defaults to using Y14 for all references numbers

k) inclusion of a new "triptych" style of section for a three part genuine panel

l) Acceptance report for PSA now includes a description of the medal received

m) Acceptance report for PSA now includes separate MEDAL and HM listings before the full acceptance listings

n) change to scoring process for prints to allow sequential, random, 'table top' and incremental scoring

o) inclusion of option for automatic tie breaking based on selector scoring pattern

p) adjustment to setting acceptance point where selection is the last item in a tie break situation

q) sample system for print sections upgraded for PDF labels

r) labels for print sections now produced as PDF documents

s) status tag T90 added to extract email set

t) addition of a 'soft close' option to allow entries to be made after the closing date

u) addition of +AUTO+ backup mirror facility


a) sorting in Acceptance reports produced incorrect results if entrant name changed after scoring

b) Acceptance report for PSA now includes a description of the medal


a) bug fix: if the TAG file for an on-line entrant was marked as PAID but no PAYPAL money was received, a subsequent re-entry by the entrant changed the status back to Not Paid

b) for print based salons, the labels are now produced as PDF documents instead of RTF documents - this requires a rebuild of the on-line system (only for print based salons)

c) change to process for downloading On-Line Log file - can now request as part of ZIP processing

d) sample system rebuilt to reflect changes to PDF print labels and salon code set to Y for demo on-line


This upgrade includes important enhancements for the on-line system and you are advised to install this version, rebuild your on-line system, upload the on-line files to your web space and do another INIT operation

> a) re-entry of email address moved in on-line screen to reduce likelihood of copy and paste

> b) accent character automatically changed to apostrophe in on-line entry

> c) name cannot begin with apostrophe in on-line entry

> d) Go to Pay Screen option added to starter page in On-Line system

> e) mutex flag added to ZIP file process to prevent concurrent zip operations

> f) automatic catch of 404 errors in the on-line gallery during maintenance periods

> g) analysis and reports based on on-line log file showing individual and weekly statistics

h) the POST SCORING EVENT command was renamed as IMAGE LIST DIRECT

i) options in IMAGE LIST DIRECT extended to include sorting by score, viewing of images in sequence and detailed examination of image at high percentages

j) contents of label list LAB_ADR_OTHER extended to include additional sorting information such as GROUPS

k) LAB_TITLE_AWARDS and LAB_TITLE_HM have been extended with country column to assist in sorting

l) section statistics added in Section page of the on-line gallery

m) addition of Swedish krona to fee options for on-line

n) inclusion of expanded image viewing option (right click) when viewing TAG file images

o) option in gallery production to include an explanation of missing medals which have been either not assigned or withdrawn

p) clarification in the manual on Group Payment process

q) addition of facility to check print order in a stack pile

r) addition of a full incremental backup facility for security backup and system duplication

s) addition of merge facility after scoring different sections concurrently

t) option added in results email to suppress actual scores

u) option to download on-line log file when doing a zip


a) restructure of sample system for prints


Apologies for updates on consecutive days but items 'a', 'b' and 'c' were required and requested by currently active salons.

a) due to the high number of images rejected after award determination, option in gallery production to comment on de-allocated medals

b) inclusion of expanded presentation of image via right click when viewing images in TAG file view screen

c) on-line Remove Entry facility is actioned immediately rather than on confirmation of the entry

d) additional message in ZIP process during on-line download when there is more data still to be zipped


a) the POST SCORING EVENT command was renamed as IMAGE LIST DIRECT

b) options in IMAGE LIST DIRECT extended to include sorting by score, viewing of images in sequence and detailed examination of image at high percentages

c) contents of label list LAB_ADR_OTHER extended to include additional sorting information such as GROUPS

d) LAB_TITLE_AWARDS and LAB_TITLE_HM have been extended with country column to assist in sorting

e) section statistics added in Section page of the on-line gallery

f) addition of Swedish krona to fee options for on-line

g) accent character automatically changed to apostrophe in on-line entry

h) name cannot begin with apostrophe in on-line entry

i) automatic catch of 404 URL not found in the on-line gallery during maintenance periods.


a) option to include a Special Notice at the start of the on-line gallery

b) option to query an image in preview, during scoring and in all light boxes with queried images being copied out to a special folder for closer examination

c) bug fix in gallery production under certain conditions

d) option to turn ON all tag markers in light boxes

e) for small competitions with few entries option when creating Image List to amalgamate rounds

f) to allow for competitions with less than 4 rounds, preview prior to judging uses the last round which has images rather than always using round 4

g) in the on-line entry system, a remove button has been included to allow for the removal of an entry

h) to enable a licence code change, a deactivation option has been added to the ADMIN function

i) the sample generation system has been extended to produce a sample for a print salon

j) on first entry, creation of a sample system is now the default action with only one question

k) in auto scoring, option to show the number of top scores received by the image


a) additional monitoring on paypal payment to assist in determining multiple entries

b) bug fix: under certain circumstances, the gallery production showed the wrong awards


a) removal of the requirement to have the word Medal in the AWARDS-n.TXT files

b) AWARDS-n.TXT file entries have a maximum description length of 36 characters

c) a timing issue was resolved whereby scores are not recorded for the first 1/10 of a second after the image is displayed

d) option to extend this up to 2 seconds in .1 second intervals

e) in the Light Boxes, the character D can be used for marking an image as dropped

f) in scoring module, inclusion of a comfort break via 'b' key with full resumption

g) option to produce a PDF version of print section bar code labels for emailing to Mac users

h) inclusion of a status page as part of the on-line entry system

i) option to display meaningful letters (Award, Yes, No, etc) instead of scores in scoring module

j) inclusion of automatic backup of critical files after each major decision point with user controlled restore

k) inclusion of an option for amending Image List files in a controlled manner.


a) change to on-line entry system to force browser to re-load cached images

b) inclusion of facility for full preview of a round prior to scoring with option to copy suspect images

c) new Appendix in the Manual with a Scoring Day Checklist

d) inclusion of special facility for print salons where entrant cannot produce a JPG copy

e) option in on-line entry system to restrict entry to members only


a) changes to Google Translate coding


a) changes to scoring module to hide tie break results

b) image checker in TAG FILE PROCESS not detecting all EXIF corruptions - recommend re-doing FULL CHECK


a) fixed problem with direct edit from K-Salon to web-site


a) option to go directly to tag edit from tag view


a) inclusion of screen to check for display distortion and clipping prior to scoring


a) changes to the way in which names are capitalized in the on-line entry form.

b) inclusion of automatic check for upgrade - only operational if you are connected to the internet

c) inclusion of a CHECK FOR UPGRADE command in the starting and main screen which goes directly to the web - only operational if you are connected to the internet.


Change to wording in on-line entry system


a) additional verification checks in on-line Tag file amendment,

b) addition of option to list previous zip files for downloading again,

c) addition of html message when server rejects filenames which have illegal characters,

d) addition of facility to re-send confirmation email.


a) alteration to the PHP timer to begin shut down after 20 seconds instead of 25 seconds when doing emails and zip files.

b) Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are no longer combined for reporting to PSA and Great Britain is no longer a defined option in the country list.

c) implementation of a 60 meg limit on zip file creation.


a) Correction of some typing errors in the manual.


a) full release of the scoring module

b) creation of on-line gallery of images for the web site,

c) addition of PRE_CATCH_TEXT file,

d) inclusion of CIR_ACCEPTANCE lists for circuits.