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Release Notice

International Salons

K-Salon provides a complete package for running a photographic salon or circuit. It provides on-line entry and electronic scoring through to report card emailing and reporting to PSA and FIAP. It works for both digital projections and/or print based salons. It can produce an on-line gallery of accepted images.

It operates in a computer running either 32 or 64 bit Windows (directly or via Mac emulation).

K-3-D Interface for SPM

The K-3-D program alters the default saving folder in StereoPhotoMaker so that when you do a SAVE or SAVE AS, the file is saved back into the folder where the file was opened.

This is a free program - no charge.

Club Competition Software

The 'K' range of software programs for club competitions integrates directly with the DiCentra club competition software.

They operate in a PC based machine running either 32 or 64 bit Windows

K-3-D Program -

StereoPhotoMaker is a program used by most stereo photographers for processing 3D images. Although it is a very useful and feature rich program, its saving pattern assumes that all photographers want to save their new and altered images in the same folder as was used for the previous save. It does not default to or have an option to change the default to save in the same folder as the source image.

The K-3-D program interacts with StereoPhotoMaker to change the 'last saved' folder to be the folder where the image is opened. This means that if an image is opened via K-3-D will be saved back into its source folder.

The K-3-D program is free of charge and can be downloaded and installed without fee. Full details can be seen by downloading the Manual.



K-Salon Program -

Release Notice - The recent version of K-Salon has continued the K-Salon development policy of providing features required for the efficient running of photographic salons. As with all upgrades, there is no charge for registered users. K-Salon is a fully integrated feature rich one-stop solution for running your photographic salon or circuit.

The program produces an on-line entry system which integrates with PayPal and will do automatic payment processing.

Unlike other on-line data entry software providers, this system is run on the exhibition's web site and is entirely under the exhibition's control.

The program has been or is being used by the Bristol International Salon of Photography, South Devon Salon, Oxford International Salon, Solway Print Salon, Yorkshire Photographic Union International, Vigex Print Salon, Avon Valley Salon and the Nature and Travel Divisions of the PSA International Exhibition.

The program is not available for public sale or licence.

The program is designed for use on a 32 or 64 bit PC running a Windows operating system. It has been tested on computers running Windows XP ( with SP3), Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

The K-Salon on-line entry system also includes facilities designed especially for print based salons. These include special labels for attaching to the prints with all relevant information already formatted along with a unique bar code per image. This bar code is then used in the main system for recording the receipt of the prints and for checking the order prior to judging

If you want to try the program you can download the program directly from this website but it will only operate in DEMO mode. This will download a zip file (approx 50 meg). The zip file includes an Installation Guide to assist you in installing and running the program in DEMO mode.

However, as mentioned above, the program is no longer on public sale.

A copy of the full manual is included with and integrated into the product. You can, however, obtain a copy by clicking on the MANUAL button. This is a PDF document designed for on-line reading.



K-Submit and K-Centra Programs - Version 1.4

If you have ever been a club competition secretary you will know the problems encountered when members email their images - wrong sizes, wrong names, missing details, etc. Rather than handle this process manually, we wrote a set of programs to handle and check the submissions automatically. The two programs integrate completely with the DiCentra Competition software. For details about DiCentra see Wilbur Imaging

For a quick summary of the facilities, click on BROCHURE which will up load a small PDF document. When you read this document, you will see how K-Submit makes being digital competition secretary an easy job.

If you use K-Submit, you do not need to do any filename checking, renaming, image size checking or file organizing - the program makes it very easy to manage digital image competitions, including panels of images. To see the PDF manual describing the facilities, click on K-SUBMIT.

K-Centra provides an easy facility for managing, archiving, renaming and duplicating digital competitions which use the DiCentra display software. To see the PDF manual describing the facilities, click on K-SALON.

The two products are bundled together and can be purchased for the low price of £20 by clicking on the PURCHASE command. A preview DEMO mode of the products can be obtained by clicking on the DOWNLOAD command.

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