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K-3-D Interface for SPM

The K-3-D program alters the default saving folder in StereoPhotoMaker so that when you do a SAVE or SAVE AS, the file is saved back into the folder where the file was opened.

This is a free program - no charge.

K-3-D Program -

StereoPhotoMaker is a program used by most stereo photographers for processing 3D images. Although it is a very useful and feature rich program, its saving pattern assumes that all photographers want to save their new and altered images in the same folder as was used for the previous save. It does not default to or have an option to change the default to save in the same folder as the source image.

The K-3-D program interacts with StereoPhotoMaker to change the 'last saved' folder to be the folder where the image is opened. This means that if an image is opened via K-3-D will be saved back into its source folder.

The K-3-D program is free of charge and can be downloaded and installed without fee. Full details can be seen by downloading the Manual.



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