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Personal Points of View

The articles and images contained or pointed to in this web page are the personal creation of Dr Greg Duncan.

They do not represent or purport to represent any official line or policy of any organization of which Dr Duncan is or has been a member.

Various Articles

Click on the Title for further information and a link to the article and/or related files. All the articles are in PDF format and can be read in your browser or downloaded for reading. These articles have not been amended to reflect the distinctions gained by the author subsequent to writing the article.


   1. Suitable for Inclusion

   2. 3D TV - Active or Passive

   3. Should Salons be Allowed to Resize Images ?

   4. Before You Change A Rule

   5. High Scores and Top Awards in Inter-Club Competitions

Suitable for Inclusion

This document is a dialogue between two people about International Photographic Exhibitions. They talk about disqualifying an image which violates the rules of the exhibition and discuss the concept of an image and/or an entrant being 'suitable'.

The dialgoue ends with a proposed wording which would allow an exhibition to remove 'unsuitable' submissions.

Document -> Suitable for Inclusion


3D TV - Active or Passive

This topic examines the issue of 'cross talk' when assessing 3D photographs on a TV. 'Cross talk' occurs when the left eye sees some of the image meant for the right eye and vice versa.
The related article is still being processed but the test images are available already. They can be downloaded, copied to a flash drive and used in your 3D TV to test for 'cross talk'.

Zip File -> For Standard HD 3D TV

Zip File -> For 4K 3D TV

Zip File -> For 8K 3D TV


Should Salons be Allowed to Resize Images ?

This document is an examination of the aspects pertaining to international projected image salons and the requirements that they do not resize submitted images before or during the selection and award determination process.

The article is in PDF format designed for on-line reading and makes reference to two downloadable images. Both of these images are contained in ZIP files in order to ensure that the download browser does not automatically display the image.

Document -> Should Salons be Allowed to Resize Images ?

Image -> Image for 50% test

Image -> Image for Check Pattern


Before You Change A Rule

This document presents a simple framework for assessing changes to rules and definitions used in photographic exhibitions. The framework consists of 10 questions that need to be considered and answered. The document contains a short explanation of the thinking behind the questions.

Document -> Before You Change a Rule


High Scores and Top Awards in Inter-Club Competitions

This article examines the scoring process for inter-club competitions which also give out individual awards.

Document -> High Scores and Top Awards


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