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The Kenebec group of websites is maintained by Kenebec Media Ltd for and on behalf of the list of companies shown in the panel on the right.

All of these companies have their registered office at:

28 Kingcup Close
Broadstone, Dorset
England BH18 9GS


Kenebec Ltd (Registered in England 03096430)

Kenebec Images Ltd (Registered in England 03963521)

Kenebec Media Ltd (Registered in England 03293603)

Linlup Ltd (Registered in England 01832670)

Wyvern PhotoArt Ltd (Registered in England 03407276)

Privacy Notice under GDPR

We record, process and retain information relating to any purchases you have made or make with respect to products sold by us directly or indirectly via a third party retailer. Where you use the K-Salon software for generating a photographic exhibition on-line entry system, we receive information about such usage in accordance with the details specified in the product manual. Such information is retained in order to ensure compliance with the licence conditions of the products. As a consequence, the retention and processing is undertaken on the basis of 'legitimate interest'. We do not share your information with anyone. You may request a copy of the information but we would point out that we do not receive or process or retain any information that you do not already have.

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